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Student centric cashless mobile payment solutions for universities.

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Pay & Connect offers a customisable mobile payment platform that assists universities around the world go cashless by using technologies that are familiar to students - smartphones and apps.

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What are the benefits?


Accessible using student cards, web and mobile apps, Pay & Connect is fully accessible to all students, even those who do not have mobile phones.

Fraud eradication

A full audit trail, custom rules and payment restrictions leads to a material decrease in fraud and counterfeiting.

Student centric

Pay & Connect is designed to delight students and improve their campus experience, putting them first.

Streamlined processes and lowered costs

By streamlining business processes, eradicating fraud and lowering administrative overheads, Pay & Connect helps lower costs.

Easy platform management

With a fully functional admin dashboard, it’s easy to manage payments and users, and to gain visibility into student behaviour.

Core Features

The easiest way to streamline payments across your campus.

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Case Study at the University of Cape Town

5 000

active students every month

55 000

digital vouchers issued per month

180 000

entries in dining halls per month

The Pay & Connect system was launched at the University of Cape Town in 2019. The system was initially launched to digitize the university residences’ paper lunch vouchers, however it was very quickly extended to also offer emergency vouchers (for use during protests), food security vouchers for students in need, and to regulate dining hall entries.

All vouchers issued using Pay & Connect can be redeemed at various merchants across campus, subject to payment rules specified by the university.

Pay & Connect is integrated with various systems across campus including the points of sale at Food & Connect stores.

Key System Benefits


Reduced administrative overhead and costs due to previously manual processes being digitised and streamlined, reduced fraud, and improved analytics and visibility into student behaviour.


Easy to use and intuitive system with convenient and transparent voucher issuance and redemption processes.


Reduced administrative overhead and costs due to the digitisation of voucher redemption and quick withdrawals straight to bank accounts.

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